23 Aug 2019

It's been a long time coming, but finally our Glass Doors & Windows have arrived. Double Glazed to keep the Cold out and bring the Light in. With Winter fast approaching, it's time to get them Installed.

1 Jul 2019

Rebuilding the Walls from the Inside with Reinforced Timber Frames, Rewired Electrical, High Quality Insulation, Vapor Barrier, and Plaster Sheets. Zenibako Beach House nears completion.

23 Jun 2019

It's Spring in Zenibako and that means time to get building on the Beach House. With both levels ready for New Windows and Plaster to go on the Walls, it was time to connect the two with a set of Stairs. After some number crunching to get the Rise and Run just right, the Stringers have been cut and we have a solid Stair Frame in place.

10 Feb 2019

In the midst of winter with temperatures dropping to -18c, we finally have hot water and plumbing ready for bathroom and toilet install. Framing work completed with the help of Mr Trunks fresh off the plane on Day 1 of Snowboard Trip.

21 Nov 2018

Winter has arrived and it's finally time to get that Bathroom and Hot Water setup in our Zenibako Beach House. Here is a pic of what's just been ordered.

23 Sep 2018

Our Shed is now Ready for the Snow to Fall, with our Komatsu Dozer parked safely inside. We have a heap of Paperwork, Planning, and Permitting to work through over the Winter months, so come Spring, we will be ready to Start Building our first set of Cabins.

20 Aug 2018

It's important to have a break from building and renovating, so at Lenken we are lucky to have Zenibako River right beside us. We pulled on the waders, packed our fishing rods and headed up stream. Nothing like being in the amazing wilderness to clear the mind and catching a few trout to get the heart beating again.

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